Mohammad Amin Babak is one of the correspondents and presenter of political programs in one of the private Tv station called Khurshid in Kabul who has been beaten by the armed body guards of second deputy of the lower house of the parliament Nazir Ahmadzai,where pictures indicated his bloody face.

He was beaten by the Mp’s Nazir while his cars blocked the roads and Mr. Babak was trying to pass.

Mr Babak told to Mass media that one of the guards ordered others to beat me in the public eye.

When the Khurshid Tv station political programs Sahadab Bikzad comes to the scene he was also threatened by the same persons saying we are the National Directorate Security department staffs, and we will put you in jails.

Nai Supporting open media in Afghanistan doesn’t support the way of resolving violence cases against correspondents on a traditional way.

Gen Executive of Nai Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” correspondents were put in the same situation in the past,they were beaten, and even misbehavior made by the Governmental officials against the correspondents,traditional way of reviewing cases of violence against correspondents will lead the perpetrators to be save and not to be executed,we have witnessed dozens cases of violence against correspondents were repeated.”

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan believed that violence against correspondents is crime,these type of cases should be pursued by the judicial and justice system of Afghanistan.