In a series of terrorist attacks took place yesterday, which caused killing number of civilians, many photo journalists and correspondents were pushed back and three of them beaten by police and security officers in district 7. These three journalists namely Ghazi Rasouli, correspondent of TV1, Tawfiq Sediqi journalist of a private TV with the logo of 24 and Shamreez working for Turkish news agency, are all complaints who suffered from ill behaviors of police officers in the area. Quite very simple, the mentioned journalists had gone to the area for covering and taking some photos while police officers starting confrontation and beating them. Nai, supporting open media condemn the acts of police relating this issue, since obviously indicates breaking the law. Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar, managing director of this organization said: we expect that the authorities should specify the perpetrators of the misdemeanors and enforce the legal punishment on wrong doers of security enforcement. It is worth mentioning that the graph of violations against journalists since the month of Jun getting worsening very badly, thus out of 10 cases violation against journalists, two of them lost their lives in Helmand province.