At least 7 reporters and cameramen who wanted to provide new coverage and report from a terrorist attack took place this morning were beaten, abused and their reporting tools were confiscated by security forces in Jalal Aabad city.
In the terrorist attack occurred in front of Nngarhar National Directorate of Security early Sunday, reporters and photographers tried to get to the scene, but faced with sever inhibition of security forces.
Reporters in Jalal Aabad in a telephone call with Media Watch claimed that security forces abused them and firmly beaten 7 reporters.
Ziar Khan, Zhwandon TV reporter in Jalal Aabad said that he was beaten three times in 15 minutes while trying to provide news report.
Media Watch condemns beating of reporters by security forces and asks the officials to end to such kinds of anti-human and illegal acts which have not happened for the 1st time. It also asks to identify and punish the violators.
This happens while the reporters were subject to violation and were beaten by security forces in a similar attack took place in Kabul last month. Kabul Police commander promised that he will identify and punish the perpetrators, but yet no action has been taken in this regard.
Once again we ask the security officials to prevent such kind of inappropriate actions against citizens and especially reporters. Such kinds of anti-human and illegal actions results the people to not trust on the government and provides the opportunity for the insurgents to better try to weaken the government.
The security forces should understand that as they are responsible to provide security, reporters are also responsible to provide news coverage, reports and awareness and based on Afghan applicable laws, no one can prevent activities of media and reporters.