Two blasts in front of the two media stations in Parwan and Nangarhar has provoked media society concerns in less than one week

A magnetic mine which was installed in entrance gate of Dunya radio station located in Charikar district of parwan province destroyed the following door only,the second magnetic mine which was also installed in Local agency of Pajhwok news agency in Nangarhar has financially damaged the following agency.

No one has claimed the responsibility of the terrorist attacks yet,its clear that our enemies will do anything to damage the freedom of speech in Afghanistan,if such terrorist activities continue, it will create fears within the Journalists society, and will also negatively impact on media activities.

Media has been suffering from insecurity in the past 13 years,but the Government has yet to take significant steps towards ensuring security for the correspondents society,during this time media has lost dozens its members and paid a lot of financial damages due to ongoing war in the country.

The following armed attack comes after that a local radio station called Haqiqat was attacked in the same way in Nangarhar province a month ago,it stopped the radio activities for a while and paid significant damages due that attack.

Gen Manager of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” this is not the first time less than a week that two blasts targeted the two media stations in Parwan and Nangarhar provinces,we demand the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to launch an investigation over the issue, and also assure the local media stations in Provincial level that their media activities aren’t in risks.”

Nai office also demand the security forces in order to protect the freedom of speech as one of their responsibility take significant action to ensure good security and safe for the correspondents and other Nation in the country, talking on issue the Afghan security forces should be capable to identify the suspects and those trying to create chaos within the society,because if it continues it will negatively impact on media activities.

Talking further on the issue Nai office has significantly condemned the attacks carried out on two media stations in Parwan and Nangarhar and demanding the perpetrators of the cases to face the music.