Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan is pleased to announce a call for entries for the first annual award to recognize excellence on women’s rights reporting. Nai invites local journalists, including freelance journalists, to submit their work for this award provided they meet the submission criteria.

The submission criteria are as follows:
• Submitted articles must have been published in an Afghan media outlet between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012.
• Accepted media: Any pieces published in any Afghan media outlet, including print, TV and audio. Blogs, personal websites and social media pages or channels are not accepted.
• Stories should cover women’s rights. The evaluating criteria are as follows: Judges will be looking for informed and relevant approach, fairness and sensitivity, impact, writing/presenting style and creativity.
• Only individual journalists are allowed to enter. Media organizations may not enter on behalf of their employees.
• Only one entry is allowed per person.

Submission guidelines
All entries should be submitted with a statement of not more than 200 words explaining why you think your submission represents excellence in women’s rights reporting. On the same document, provide your full name, mobile phone number and email address.

For Writers
Submit a photocopy of one story that has been published, in an Afghan publication within the specified time period.
The story must be photocopied on A4 paper and the photocopy must show the paper’s banner (front), page of publication and date of publication. Please provide two copies.

For Photographers
Submit your single entry on a CD in high-quality JPEG format. Include a short caption about the photo including when and where the pictures were taken in a separate Microsoft Word document. Photos must have been published. We reserve the right to ask for unedited images.

For radio and TV reporters
Please submit a CD containing the audio recording and a transcript (in the original broadcast language) of a produced audio or TV segment that aired during the relevant period. The piece should be no less than three minutes and no longer than 29 minutes in length. Please provide full information about the times and programs on which the segment aired. Also, please provide the name of the radio or TV station, its location and frequency and the names of the producer, editor and anyone else involved in the production.

The deadline for submissions is 17 September 2012.

All entries should be submitted to the following address:

Kabul: House #99, Darulaman Main Road, Kartai Sai,Kabul, Afghanistan
Post Box: # 4011, Kart-e-Sai, Post Office
Cell#: 0771502079

Sub Offices’ Address
Mazar-e-Sharif: Kamal Nabizada Square,Bank Mili Street , House #5
Cell#: 0772743 051

Nangarhar: Dr. Juma Khan Street, Gulaie Araba, district 3, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Cell#: 0779 025 425

Herat: Sarak 30 Metra, near to Masjid Safed, in front of Baharan Restaurant
Cell#: 0794 131 167

Qandahar: Mir Wais Hospital Street In front of WFP Office Dand Square Kandahar
Cell#: 0776 781 234