On the occasion of “National Cooperation against Drag” week, a photo exhibition was conducted by Nai Supporting Open Media Cooperation. The photos of the exhibition focused on the consequence of the drag in Afghanistan.

At opening ceremony of the exhibition interior deputy minister Khalilullah Bakhtyari explained their activities on drag counter processes. “Although statistics show of drag cultivation increase, but it is clear that the most beneficiaries of drags are not Afghans but the smugglers including terrorists.” He added.

Afghan government must provide tranquility to media community in the country in keeping of Afghan film archives Recently president Ghani has issued an order to transfer the Afghan film archive into presidential office

Sabir Mohmand, spokesperson of Information and Culture Ministry in interview with Nai’s Media Watch said: “Ministries are supposed to be shifted in to specific area in Dar_ul_Aman “south west of Kabul city” but there isn’t any safe and sufficient environment to transfer the archive, so that president had ordered to transfer Afghan film archive into…