The government should determine whether Mina Mangal’s assassination has been related to her media performances or not

Ms. Mina Mangal, former media staff and advisor for dead the Cultural Affairs Commission of Afghan parliaments’ lower house was shot by unidentified armed men in district 8th of Kabul on Saturday early morning. According to the interior ministry spokesperson, Ms. Mangal was shot dead by armed motorcyclists while she was leaving home for work.

Another attack on a media outlet determines that it requires government to take some serious measures to protect media offices than before

Dunya-e-Naw Radio and Television in Farah province was attacked by a hand bomb on Monday. Mr. Ibrahim Muhammadi, Dunya-e-Naw Radio and Television Editor in Chief said to Nai Media Watch, “on Monday, 1st April 2019, it was around 03:00 PM that unidentified persons attacked the media by throwing a hand bomb; fortunately, it didn’t harm…