Nai, supporting open media condemns the approach of Herat provincial council representative who has censored his interview. “Habib Rahman Pedram” a member of Herat provincial council was invited by Asia TV channel in a panel discussion program named “Political guest”. After completion the interview, he persistently asked the producer to give him the original cassette pretended that just he wants to watch it and take a copy and will return it very soon. The producer accepted his request and instead of taking a copy for himself, just copied  some shots of the interview, in order to use them for promo. After taking it back, surprisingly the producer noticed that the cassette is empty and the recorded panel discussion completely deleted by the provincial representative. The Asia TV channel is one of the wide audience covered media in Herat which has outstripped a high position among people through broadcasting critical program.

The producer of mentioned TV claim that they are nervous about what response should they give for their spectators, since they have already broadcasted its promo frequently and people still wait to watch it on exact time when the promo announced the date and time. Nai ask the government authorities to curb such kind of illegal censorships by authorities which clearly differ with 34 article of national constitution stating: Every Afghan citizen has the right to publish and broadcast his/her subjects before delivering them to authorities for reviewing.