NAI Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan entitles the United Nations resolutions a positive step for ensuring safety of the Journalists within the country.

The members of the General Assembly of the United Nation during a resolution have re-acted against the violence towards the correspondent’s safety on 26th of Nov/2013. In the resolution the members Government have been obliged to adopt necessary measurements for the security and safety of the Journalists and on side of the resolution the 2th of November was nominated as the day for (Fighting impunity in crimes against journalists).
The following resolution will have the membership Government not stay silent over some of the criminal cases against the journalists and every one including the Governmental officials who conduct violence against Journalists will be equally judged and by releasing such Press letter could end the exempt culture from the society.
The releasing of the current resolution comes after the rate of violence against Journalists is being increased in Afghanistan, and it’s obligated for the Government of Afghanistan as the National and International institution to ensure security and safety of the correspondents and media and adopt serious measurements.
Based on the registered statistics in NAI Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan during one decade a number of the correspondents have been violated and most of the cases without reviewing the Government specially the Ministry of Information and Culture or some justice and judicial institutions couldn’t do anything of didn’t want to do something, its mentionable that violation enforced by the Governmental officials against the correspondents have increased comparing than other groups within the society.
It must be said that correspondents could only conduct their duties where security and safety is ensured having no security and safety for journalist and citizens will stop them to use their freedom of speech based on its standard way.
The NAI office believes that in order to have good monitoring from the implementation of the United Nation resolutions there should some institutions which support media and United Nation Organization established to have the Government to draft and design a suitable solutions for the security and safety of the correspondents at the entire country.