According to the latest report, during the protest march held yesterday, which was supposed to be completely none-violent due to promises given by the activists of “light seekers” a new movement, unfortunately nine journalists severely are violated and beaten, thus their camera are crushed by participants of the march. The names of injured journalists are as in the following:

1-    Naweed Bahar journalist of Ariana News TV.

2-    Sami Jahish cameraman of Ariana News TV.

3-    Emaad Rostaee, journalist of TV1.

4-    Mokhtar Yaqoobi, cameraman of TV1.

5-    Farid Halimee, journalist of Noorin TV.

6-    Khatib Karimi cameraman of Noorin TV.

7-    Massoud Hussaini, photo journalist.

8-    Jame Beljian journalist

The authorities of newly arise movement named “Light seekers” have put the blame of violation on some uncontrolled people, what they call “opportunists” not their real supporters. By the way, Nai emphatically ask the leaders of the mentioned movement to recognize the aggressive people and introduce them to security and other relevant offices, in order to fulfill their responsibility faithfully according to the rules and regulations of Afghanistan. As it is obvious, the freedom of speech is inviolable based on national constitution and surely, everyone who make violation against journalist, he/she is recognized as a law breaker whom should be prosecuted for further process of bringing justice to them.