Lower house of the parliament have adjusted the Mass media law by two third present members at the house that Minister of the culture and information will be the head of the following committee on Wednesday.

Earlier the Minister of Culture and information in order to legalize the media reviewing violence committee contrary to Mass media law has sent the following law to the Afghanistan parliament for further adjustments, in the draft of the law Minister of the culture and information to be the considered as the head of the committee ,it has been approved by the lower house but it was rejected by the upper house of the parliament, according to the Afghanistan constitution a delegation of different representatives established they have not reached to a consequences either ,finally lawmakers in the lower house have re-approved the mass media law on Wednesday 28,Jan,2015.

According to the International law about the freedom of speech, the monitoring institutions should be away from the Governmental influences, freedom of speech is fully respected in other countries, and the monitoring institutions are working independently,and even members of the institutions and budgeting guarantee their independency, the latest decision of the lower house of the parliament is not only against the Afghanistan constitution 34th article but also it causes same problem for media at the entire country where media has experienced it in the past.

Experiences indicates that since the Minister of the culture and information leads mass media committee, it has always implemented the wishes and demands of the Governmental officials,they have not only launched significant steps towards improvements but also it caused media to be introduced to the courts.

Based on the media rights and principles monitoring institution for media should be away from the Governmental officials influences, so the they could judge media according to the International standards and rules, by having the Minister of the culture and information as the head of the mass media committee it will under estimate the activities of media and independency.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demanded the National Unity Government NUG to fulfill the commitments for growing, and promotion of media and according to the law reject the act of the lower house, refer this issue to the supreme court so that Afghan lawyers and judges save the moral and independency of freedom of speech based on the Afghanistan constitution article 34th by going through the issues.