National Unity Government (NUG) is 7 months old by now, and the reformation of the Election system has been one of the priorities,only the Government could release a decree over establishing of the special Electoral reformation committee some months ago.

Disagreements in between the two leaders of the Government rose over the (ToR) and selecting the head of the following committee, and yet the committee to begin its activities, and after 7 months the Ministers for the new cabinet of National Unity Government appointed, and released the acting Ministers.

One of the other commitments of the (NUG) has been the establishing of the special Electoral Reformation Committee and reformation of the whole Election system in Afghanistan, it seems that both leaders President Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah have agreed to introduce new faces for the following committee.

During the polling for the Ministers of the new cabinet in the lower house of the parliament, 238 representatives were present based on the calculation each Nominees should have received 120 votes to be succeeded as the Minister.

Ministers after passing the oath ceremony officially led by the President of the Afghanistan, they were introduced to staffs within the Ministries.

After the New cabinet members of National Unity Government begin its activities, and their waiting period ended, there the Nation demand more changes from the appointed Ministers.

However the new cabinet members begin their activities still 31 Provinces being led by the Acting Governors where people want new Governors to be introduced to lead the affairs.

One of the other commitments of the National Unity Government was having goodwill and close ties with foreign countries, therefore President Ghani is in a two day visit to India to talk about different cooperation on economy, Political, and Military aspects with Indian Government.

The President’s schedule indicates that he is willing to visit both Indian –Afghan businessmen and investors in India to encourage more Indian investors to invest in Afghanistan.