Recently ATRA department in Ministry of Communication Technology and Information during 2 official’s notes demanded the telecommunication companies in Afghanistan to shut down the social Network WhatsApp and Telegram in Afghanistan.

The first official note was disseminated on October 22nd and the second was issued on November 1st 2017 with the signature of the ATRA Deputy Chief Naqibullah Sailab, the following act is considered against the Afghanistan constitution article 34, Afghanistan’s Mass media law and code of access to information.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has launched a survey in 5 big cities and asked 130 correspondents about closing the two applications of WhatsApp and Telegram if they use it do they face problems while doing their tasks?

93 percent of the correspondents has replied that they are using the two following applications, 30 percent have stressed that they faced problems while using the applications, and among the 30 percent 23 percent faced serious problems and but other 7 percent only faced some problems.

The Nai finding indicates that those individuals have faced problems where they were the main criticizers of the government.

General Director of Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar related to the issue said, “The ATRA Deputy Chief Naqibullah Sailab should have been introduced to court after disseminating the official letters and should have responded to the court what he had done, but still he continues to his duty.”

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the Justice and Judicial departments to protect the Afghanistan’s constitution and introduce trail those who have shared the official notes and those who ordered to do so and they should be questioned about the illegal acts.