Abdullah Khanjani, 1TV Editor-in-Chief has been insulted and beaten up by PPS (President Protective Service) on Monday 22nd April 2019, it was around 10:30 AM while he was supposed to attend an official session at government’s Media Center.

According to Mr. Khanjani, the PPS had beaten him, seized him for a short time and forcefully taken his cell phone and illegally observed his items and information in his cell phone. After the incident the, General Reyaz Arian, Head of PPS, Harron Chakhansori, Spokesperson of President’s Office and Deputy Spokesperson, Shah Hussain Murtazawi have visited 1TV, met Mr. Khanjani and apologized on behalf of the presidential palace.

According to Nai, apologize isn’t the solution. Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says: “the government may not remove the issue only by apologize but should find an appropriate and fundamental solution for the violence against journalists.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan not only asks the National Unity Government for a serious investigation but also to recognize the violator and introduce him to the judicial procedures.

Nai emphasizes that such issues can’t be addressed just by apologizing.