After four year broadcasts, Khedmatgar Daily Paper published its final issue on August 31st 2013. The paper’s officials called the reason, for an end to the paper’s publishing, lack of financial resources and budget. 
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan considers the cessation of a media outlet as the silence of a part of the society. It asks the Afghan government, particularly, the Ministry of Information and Culture to find proper ways and solutions for Media’s problems, and especially for print media in Afghanistan.
According to Nai’s current data, most of print media in Afghanistan face serious financial problems and their future operations face challenges in the country.
According to Afghan Mass Media Law, government is responsible to support open media and assist them in various contexts as of printing, publishing and distribution.
In order to institutionalize the media and press, many governments extending their assistance and accepts subsidies to the print media so that they could publish newspapers and other sorts of printing materials.
Though to achieve this goal and institutionalize freedom of speech and democracy in the country; according to the law, The Afghan government has the obligation to support those media outlets that are in need of assistance and support. It doesn’t have to allow the media, which can also be called “eye and hear” of the society, to be silenced.
Khedmatgar Daily used to publish in Pashto language in Kabul and in some neighboring provinces. It was one of the most reading newspapers of its kinds among its readers. Most of the topics and articles published in the paper were of top political and educational issues.