Najiba Ayubi, head of Kelid media group was recognized as the winner of freedom of speech in 2017.

According to the Swedish radio (Lond quest) head of borderless journalists of Sweden, she is the symbol of a heroin struggler lady who works bravely however the existence of different pressures presently imposed by Taliban and moreover the traditional bans in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan is a country which more attention should be paid for and more importantly its media and activists should be supported strongly”. Said the “Lang quest” in a paragraph.

Nai, supporting open media see it as a big achievement and forward its gratitude for all media family of Afghanistan and particularly to Mrs Najiba. The Kelid group is a channel which consists of eleven radio stations which all of them are active in the capital and other provinces. Besides it has three newspapers and weekly magazines like Mursal, Kelid and Sapidah, special publications for women. Nai, supporting open media, besides expressing its happiness want to reiterate once again that Afghan journalists work in a very hard condition of present conflicts and therefore, need strong support and patronage by national and international organizations.