The General session of the lower house of the parliament after verbal stresses among the members of the house was disrupted, and following session was being live in some TV stations including the Wolesi jirga TV station.

The increasing of verbal tensions between the members of the house it caused the regular session process of the house to be stopped and the live session on TVs was also cut off.

The tension rose when one of the Mps Gul Padshah Majidi claimed that Homayon Homayon the first secretary of the house and  Mp Mohammad Naem Lalai Hameedzai the Kandahar representative into the House have taken out some of the documents with themselves from the Wolesi Jirga TV office.

While Law maker  Homayoon Homayoon refused the claim and said , “ I went to see what happened after the electricity was cut off at 10:30 Pm, further he confirmed that Lalai Hameedzai was also with him because I did not know the location of the Wolesi Jirga TV station.”

The first secretary of house Homayoon Homayoon declared that controlling and supervisoring of the Wolesi Jirga TV station is one of the duties of him.

Now the TV station manager Halim Tanvir and his staffs specially the female journalists are not facing safe what has happened.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan declares the invading of the individual into the archive of a TV station illegal, and considering the above mentioned claim demanding the government of Afghanistan to launch serious and prompt measurements about the issue, and also Nai demands the justice and judicial departments to reveal the real facts.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan also demands both Presidential and Chief Executive offices to pursue the issue, and assign a delegation to review the situation and share the results with media outlets and the people, and also the leaders of the National Unity Government should not ignore this issue to avoid further illegal invading and interfering against media.