Governmental officials and entities should not exert pressures against media, correspondents.

Local Governmental officials, powerful figures and other entities trying to exert pressures on media and correspondents not to disclose their corrupted faces in their investigative reports in Herat Province, because their efforts will help strengthening law enforcement within the country.

Some of those where their identities were disclosed within the investigative reports began to threat to death the correspondents and obliged them to do self-censorship in the reports by misusing their positions within the societies.

One of the newspapers in Herat province had disclosed the identity of a corrupted figure involving indifferent case was threatened to death, when Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan was trying to launch advocacy for the correspondent ,he/she has already agreed with following powerful figure ,it seems that the correspondent came under the pressures of the local Governmental officials not to publish the investigative report.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan declares any pressures being exerted by the Governmental officials and others against the correspondents is contrary to Afghanistan constitution, mass media law and freedom of speech in the country, demanding the National Unity Government to protect media ,correspondents and avoid such assumptions.

The continuation of such condition will hardly damage freedom of speech in Afghanistan, and obliged correspondents to get used to self-censorships.