After posting apparently a critical comment on Facebook social page about a book whose author said to be Abdul Basir Salangi, governor of Parwan province, Nasratullah Iqbal, has been beaten intensely by Mr. Salangi. 
Mr. Iqbal who also works for Bakhdi News Agency has been invited by a man connected to Parwan governor on Friday evening, July 27, 2013, in a restaurant of Kabul city. Nasratullah Iqbal accepts the invitation and while entering to the restaurant, Abdul Basir Salangi, provincial governor of Parwan firstly open verbal arguments with him and then, with assistance from his men, seriously beaten Iqbal.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan strongly condemn the beating case of Mr. Nasratullah Iqbal and ask the justice and judicial authorities in the country to seriously pursuit the issue and pull the perpetrators of this violence in to the courts.
Beating a journalist because he has expressed his opinion on a social media page of Facebook is an alarm for Afghan people. It indicates that hereafter the government officials do not tolerate to listen about any critics, even from social pages of virtual world (the internet) about them. After listening to, even, very minor critics about their personalities and functions, they will act violently and torture the persons who criticize them.
Nasratullah Iqbal is beaten by Parwan governor during which Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has asked UNESCO and Afghan government to every year officially recognize the first week of Asad (third week of July) as the social media week.