Peace is not only Afghan’s desire but also is an important requirement of them.  It is about couple of years that Afghan people have been witnessing lots of sacrifices to reach this need.

Recently, peace talks has been one of the priorities for Afghanistan’s allies’ countries, addressed by United States of America; recently, the representative of the Foreign Ministry of USA in Peace Affair of Afghanistan, Dr. Zalmai Khalilzad, has held meetings with a number of Taliban negotiators in Doha, Qatar. According to Mr. Khalilzad, progress has been made in this regard.

Moreover, as it was stated, there are concerns about the fundamental values of citizens in the peace process and its outcome. Nai is concerned about human rights in general and in specific the concerns are regarding freedom of expression, media and worries that freedom of expression and media shouldn’t have been sacrificed during the peace talks and progress in this regard which has been a major achievement in the last 17 years in the country, may go for waste.

Nai as a leading advocacy entity in media sector and freedom of expression wants to offer their recommendations to the parties involved in the Afghan peace process as followings:

  1. Freedom of expression as a protective value should be incorporated into any document resulting from peace talks.
  2. As result of the peace talks, if peace is to be achieved, there should be a certain guarantee to assure Afghan Media Community for the safety, security and protection of freedom of expression and free media.
  3. Media should be aware of details of peace talks which don’t ruin the process.
  4. Killers and perpetrators of violence against journalists and media should not be forgiven under any peace agreement. Both the Afghan government and the parties involved in the peace process should consider this issue.