The Peace Consultative Jirga was held in Kabul on 7th August 2020 with the participation of thousands of people. One of the participants, Ms. Belqis Roshan raised her voice during the President Ghani’s speech and said; “Do not Ransom the Criminal Taliban”, but it ended in violence, and she was not allowed to speak anymore.

The incident reveals a clear violation of the current laws in the country, including the Afghanistan’s Constitutional Law. Article 34th of the Constitutional law has assured freedom of expression from any aggression and violence. Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan urges the Government of Afghanistan and the President himself to prepare and issue the necessary orders to investigate and follow up this case.

According to Nai, this issue should not be easily overlooked, as the participants of the Peace Consultative Jirga they have come together to express their views, otherwise the logic of holding the assembly will be removed.