Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan findings according to the characteristics like, violence against correspondents, censorships, short term detention, shutting down media outlets, limitation of access to information, escaping of correspondents to abroad, in two presidential periods  after Taliban and in National Unity Government indicate that the freedom of speech status has gone worst during the National Unity Government comparing to pervious government of Hamid Karzai.

The major difference in the section of violence against the correspondents could easily be seen in the period of the National Unity Government where 431 percent increased.

From the October 2014 up to 2017 the total violence cases carried out against correspondents were 620 cases it indicates that increasing of violence cases comparing to Hamid Karzai presidency from 2001 upto 2014.

Censorship is the other issue which is commonly seen during the National Unity Government, the survey launched by Nai indicates that correspondents are not satisfied on accessing information, and the previous survey of Nai launched on 2015 about half of the interviewees had stated that government tried to do censorship, but according to other survey in 2017 94 percent of the responders said that they cannot share criticisms and related issues in social media because they are afraid of themselves the family members.

From the other hands some of the correspondents were temporarily detained or threatened if they do not do censorship.

Temporarily detention of the correspondents during the National Unity Government increased as an example detention of the correspondents by the National Security Council, National Directorate Security and the governors.

During the National Unity Government presidency 112 media outlets were shut down in entire country, however few media were closed during the Hamid Karzai presidency.

After the National Unity Government came in power, the insecurity increased, and huge number of our citizens immigrated and escaped to abroad, among those 500 correspondents and media staffs also escaped and they declared changing countries and destination insecurity and not clear future of the country.

Though several laws and regulations supporting freedom of speech and access to information were approved but most of the laws and the regulations were broken during the National Unity Government presidency.

Code of access to information, establishing of private mass media regulation, safety and security of correspondents regulation, and several other president orders and decrees for facilitation to access information were executed only Afghanistan constitution was approved by the Hamid Karzai and mass media law.

One of the positive step which was taken by the National Unity Government is to review 170 cases of violence cases of correspondents  where no cases was reviewed during pervious presidency and the reviewing is underway.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the National Unity Government to draw more attention and facilitate more information to be accessed by the correspondents according to our survey and support freedom of speech accordingly to the regulations and avoid creating fears among the correspondents on doing censorships.