On Wednesday the local radio based in Jalalabad was targeted by bomb, that fortunately neither casualty nor financial damages left in the place.

According to the member staff of the radio there were three time bombs which after two detonations, the third one was deactivated by police. The explosion took place in a building where three different offices like dish TV service provider cabling system, journalist union and independent newspapers all together live in a common building. Before the security enforcements of Jalalabad had promised to investigate and arrest the perpetrators involved in the same cases but seemingly they have not turned their promises into reality. Sure, their procrastination towards these kinds of incidents will ramp up the frequency of the insurgent’s attacks. Nai Supporting open media in Afghanistan condemning harshly the malicious attacks against media and hereby call on Afghan government and United Nations to record these kinds of violation in the list of war crimes. The enemies of freedom should understand that their terrorist activities can not obstacle the freedom of speech at all, since now it is viewed as a national value. Nai, emphatically call on the authorities to discover and arrest the perpetrators of this conspiracy as soon as possible, in order to protect the media and freedom of speech.