Benarai Sarwari

Peace is the sweet word that every person in Afghan society aspires to achieve it.

In Afghanistan, however, it has become a dream for the people. Over the years, intensive efforts and visions of peace and tranquility that people want have not yet emerged.

Now that Afghans have a chance to get closer to peace, and talks between Afghans have begun in Doha, along with hopes of achieving peace and achieving the term, women are digesting more concerns.

Just as no peace can be sustained without the participation of women, women are concerned about their small role in this process.

Some believe that the presence of limited women in the Afghan negotiating team may not represent all Afghan women, given that the Taliban do not have much rights for Afghan women. Has added to women’s concerns.

Meanwhile, in the conversations we had with women in the media, they are also concerned about the loss of their current achievements and freedoms.

What the outcome of the dialogue between Afghans will be is premature and seems to be a question.