Faiza Ebrahemi

It has been more than 20 days since the so-called intra-Afghan talks, after so many difficulties began in the Qatari capital. But two sides couldn’t agree on a procedure, therefore we can guess how tough these talks are and even a sense of impossibility can be felt.

Having not shared any info on the details of the talks, and what details that have so far leaked to the media are indiscriminate and racist, and faded hopes for a long-standing peace.

As I’m a reporter, and being in contact with people’s opinions daily and also being able to follow what’s going on in Doha, people have lost their optimistic into the outcome of the talks. As other people, I’ll not accept the Taliban’s pre conditions, the current course, there will be no acceptable outcome, I believe as a citizen.

Considering Hanafism as a pillar would be elimination of a large part of this 37m nation and this is a certain show of discrimination. Taliban should know that religious minorities are a certain part of this nation.

After hearing the memories of their dark years, imagining them as part of any future government will be a nightmare, especially they will jeopardize the women’s achievements over the last two decades.

At the end, I want to notice that peace won’t be arrived unless two sides pay sacrifices. Afghan government showed its readiness by releasing all 5500 prisoners, even those who had done big crimes. And now the ball is in the Taliban’s court to show their readiness for peace. We should all know that bringing changes in the official name won’t bring changes.