Marjila Badakhsh

The peace agreement does not mean the end of the war in Afghanistan, but the preservation of an achievement for the United States until the presidential election and the preservation of the republic in Afghanistan.

The fact that it has been a long time since the opening of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, but no major discussion has taken place in these talks, shows that both the Afghan government and the Taliban and the US are just looking to buy time to achieve their goals, not the peace agreement and the end of the war in Afghanistan. The fact that the war has heated up on the battlefield since the start of the peace talks shows that the Taliban will not end the war any time soon, and will only drag the talks into marginal debates that deviate from the main debate and buy time for themselves to What they should do in the future. Likewise, the United States has taken a silence in order to win the presidential election, and the Afghan government is committed to preserving the republic and uniting all its tribes for the day after the signing of the agreement. The agreement will be signed, but war will never completely end.