Giti Sediqi

After decades of war in Afghanistan, beginning of peace talks between Afghans considered as the watershed moment in war for Afghans. Especially, getting Taliban to the negotiation table was so controversial that was accomplished, but in this peace process these are not enough.

The first thing that is too important, is the coherent knowledge of negotiating parties. In my point of view every part has their own knowledge about many values in constitution and other values. According to the Taliban, the constitution must be changed according to the Islam law while they even don’t dare explain these laws. If you ask, Taliban what do you think about economy, politics, or anything; they would say according to Islam law. they should talk about these laws and explain how they understand or realize these laws.

Furthermore, the name of Afghanistan administration is worth mentioning. Taliban said that the name of Afghanistan Islamic republic must be changed to Afghanistan government that in this way the parliament would lose its value.

The last and the important point is that, every side wants to build pressure each other especially Taliban, while peace talks are going on there is war between sides.