Several were killed and injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive in Kabul city Thursday 16 Nov, 2017 Kabul-Afghanistan.

The information indicates that one correspondent from Fardah TV station was injured and the camera man has been disappeared in the terrorist attack.

One of the responsible from Fardah TV station during telephone conversation said, “ our team went to cover the session while coming from the hall, the suicide bomber detonated his explosive where our correspondent was injurd and Hussien Nazari our camera man has been disappeared.”

The Fardah TV manager Ramazan Abdulah Zada said we have checked all the list of the victims in several hospitals but could not find the name of the camera man in the list.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan condemn the wild terrorist attach demanded the National Unity Government to ensure security for the civilians specially the correspondents safety.

Earlier winter 1394 Zubair Hatami the correspondent of Mitra TV station was killed due to severe injuries at the Hospital with the same terrorist attack took place in Kabul at Istiqlal high school while a theater was being performed.

It’s mentionable that the session was held by the cooperation of Young Afghan Nationwide Network in support of the Balkh Governor Attah Mohammad Noor in Qasr-i- Nawin located in charayee Lab-i- jar Kabul Afghanistan.