Afghanistan’s constitution is a red line that every entity should heed it. Freedom of expression and freedom of information are the fundamental rights of Afghan citizens and no any entity including government can violate it.

On 16th, July 2018 the Ministry of Education stated: “As everyone knows the relevant affairs of ministries and governmental offices are in accordance with the principles of administration and functional compliance, duties and responsibilities of all employees of the administrations based on the job description that are clearly and distinctly determined, in this case directorate is obligated and charged to make their employees understand in order to restrain unnecessary conversations and advertisements with media and other references who demand information except the person who is in charge of presidential office and make a difference on the daily basis for the ministry due to law and principle of dignity.”

Whatever the Ministry of Education has sent in a united way to 34 provinces across the country is a clear violation of law and against Article 34th of Afghanistan’s constitution that ensures freedom of expression and Article 50th of constitution that guarantees access to information.

Afghan government is to implement law rather than violating it thus they should value law and don’t violate it.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with expressing their concern regarding issuance of the letter by Ministry of Education, asks the ministry to promptly declare the letter in vain. Government is to implement law rather than violating it.