Miss. Nancy was an American researcher, history writer and had lived along with Afghans since 60 years and had launched enormous research about the culture and civilization of Afghanistan, but she passed away due to some illness this morning at the age of 90 on 10th of Sep 2017 in Kabul city Afghanistan.

Miss. Nancy was born in 1927 in United States of America and has worked effectively for Afghanistan on strengthening of freedom of speech and writing history.

She had inaugurated the Afghanistan Information Resources Center in Kabul University where it’s being used as good source of information by the college students specially by the correspondents.

Huge numbers of correspondents are using the following institution as good sources of information while preparing their reports.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan declares her death a great loss for Afghanistan’s freedom of speech and accessing information, demanding the Afghan government in order to contribute to her efforts nominate the Afghanistan Information Resources Center as the Nancy Hatch Dupree name, and further the government of Afghanistan to launch scientific and researching seminars in order to expand and circulate the freedom of information more than before.