A couple of months  ago Center for Law and Democracy through a review and ratting of law has announced Afghanistan’s Access to Information Law in 1st rank and said that this is the best law in the segment of access to information.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, meanwhile, congratulates journalistic community of Afghanistan on this success and believes that this is good news at the threshold of international day of access to information but the most important point is implementation of law.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says: “It is good news that Access to Information law has secured the 1st position but it is much important that how much it has been implemented that misfortunately situation of access to information in Afghanistan is not satisfying and by the passage of each day we witness that it gets worst and lack of access to information is the biggest barrier for media and journalists nowadays in Afghanistan.”

Based on the recorded reports at Nai’s Media Watch, access to information is the biggest challenge for media and people of Afghanistan and information determine that there are troubles regarding access to information. Nai asks Afghan government to pave the ground for implementation of the law and obligate governmental departments to be accountable to people and media so that a day we may experience better access to information.