After the confirmation of the law accessing information correspondents believed that they will not face any other problems while gathering information,as the time runs out the National Unity Government is adding more to the challenges of correspondents by not paying attention.

During a survey conducted by Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan the main problems for the correspondents was accessing no information ,which the Governmental officials aren’t willing to do for journalists.

The decision was made by the National security council which suspend the rights of giving information from the spokespersons across the country,further they had demanded the other Governmental officials avoid giving information to media,though the following institution has denied adopting the decision later it impacted negatively on spokespersons and Governmental officials to provide information for correspondents.

Implementation of laws enforced by the Government and paying respects from the Governmental officials is a must, ignoring the laws committed by the Governmental officials will question the whole system in the country.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan demands the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to review the following problems and order the Governmental officials to let the correspondents have access to information.

Correspondents do not have to stick to the following law, but the Governmental officials are responsible to provide much information for correspondents ,there the Afghan Nation should understand what goes on within their country.

We demand the CEO Abdullah Abdullah to include this issue within the Agenda list of Ministerial National Council weekly session, and make legal decision to end this issue.