The provincial office of ministry of information and culture has sent a letter to all private TV and radio channels, asking them not to make any interview with any one else about present situation in Herat but they are only allowed to do so with specific figures who are preplanned by the authorities of Herat provincial community. In a glance to the letter, it goes without saying that this request abruptly stand against all rules and constitution of Afghanistan which support the freedom of speech and media. Based on these regulations no one including the government entities are entitled to put limitations and bans on media. On the other hand, abstaining from interview with citizens will cause losing massive information which they hold and implementing censorship as well. Obviously, by applying this new rule suggested by Herat ministry of information and culture sub – delegation will roil the faces and credits of media as no one will trust on fraud and manipulated information. Nai, supporting open media call on signatories of the letter to change their mind soon as possible and as a cultural entity never put such kind of bans but behave under the light of laws and regulation.