During the late hours of 7 May 2015 a famous journalist in Pakistan named Khoram Zaki, who simultaneously was one of the prominent figure of civil society fatally shot by unknown assailants in Karachi. Nai, supporting open media in Afghanistan, express its full hatred regarding this bloody terror while an innocent and even brilliant person as a journalist is assassinated. Late Zaki, was working as redactor of an internet publication named “Let Us Build Pakistan”, a blog aimed at denouncing extremism and defending democratic values in the country. One of his colleagues has written his findings about causes of the attack, believing that he was murdered by an extremist group known as Dubandi, because he was marked as a bold opponent of Taliban and Alqaeeda since a while.

Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar, managing director of “Nai” believes that presently journalists of both countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan are generally exposed to constant assault of extremists. “We are all victims of terrorism as journalists, so it is very important to take the necessary measures in order to protect the lives of journalists and other citizens.   Pakistan is a country where mostly journalists are targeted by terrorists every year and its authorities failed to protect the lives of their residents and journalists. Furthermore, within the structure of its government there are some elements that support Taliban and extremists.