Contrary of the imagines in some Provinces, the majority of the people with much interests went to ballot boxes to vote.
Khost Province is one of the pattern among other Provinces despite of the insecurity threats Men and Women voted for their future.
The residents of Badakhshan, Herat m Balkh, and some other Provinces have entitled this day(important) and in order to reach to ballot boxes they have lined up long.
Despite of challenges and problems within the National process, still no challenges affects on the decision of the people to go and vote an example, no security threats or challenges occurred in Takhar Province, and all the polling stations still open.
And a person named General Shahmamood who is pro to Junbish Islami party trying to provoke the residents to vote his favorite candidates (Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai) the Presidential candidate .
No one can change the decision of one but we have to observe some of the following points, that we have to pay respect to the people decision, secrecy, and citizenship rights.
From the other hands the Election observers have threatened the residents to vote for their favorite candidates in one of the polling stations in Takhar Province, this shows that Election observers have taken the code into their hands, and also the IEC officials should determine the specific rooms for the observers, and media workers to do their jobs properly.
From the other hands the reports indicated that despite of insecurity in some parts of the country, there is no causalities reported and it seems that the insecurity wasn’t that much heavy to disrupt the Election Process.
And in Mazar city the polling stations located in Kart-i-Noor Khuda due to no voting papers the residents have demanded the IEC officials to provide them the papers but the IEC regional officials have spurned their speeches have said, there is sufficient papers provided and in case of the needs they will be transferred, In case there is waste of time or delays in fetching the voting pages the IEC will extend the time duration of the election and compensate it.