Despite of concerns and spiritual war the people of Afghanistan especially Women have shown their huge presence voting for the favorite candidates saying no threats deter us from voting and stabilizing our country as an example more 2000 voters were presence before the opening of the Polling stations in the Herat Province.
From the other hand, 3 Taliban were shot dead while they were trying to stop the residents of Zabul voting by the Afghan security Forces.
Afghans admire the Afghan security forces for ensuring security for the life of their countrymen, though 5 Afghan security forces who neglected during their duties have been detained.
Though some delays made while opening the Polling stations across the country still,the IEC officials have assured that the time we have lost will be compensated at the end of the official time today.
During the press conference the Balkh Governor Atta Mohammad Noor” compliant the IEC performances saying its should be done earlier in the past, lack of polling stations in Mazar city was one of the major issues he pointed out.
He added hundreds of voting cards distributed but the lack of the polling stations have caused people wait hours to vote for their favorite candidates.”
If Transparent Election is being held the results will surely be accepted by the people while the responsibilities of the compliant commission to review the process.