President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, on Wednesday evening, 24th November 2019 during a campaign called “16 days campaign to end violence against women”, has made some accusations to Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan Mr. President  said: “A couple of days before an entity called Nai  has claimed that the cases of violence against journalists have not been followed up. I ask the General Attorney and Ms. Safi, the Information and Culture Minister to speak with this people, while he “Nai Managing Director” comes to us he discusses one issue and outside he discusses another words. It is required to clarify his words and find out what he aims.

Nai considers all words of Mr. President something baseless. Nai believes that Mr. President’s accusation is entirely wrong based on the information provided to him and it has been dispatched entirely wrong.

Nai presents all its words based on available statistics and investigated documents. Moreover, none of the officials or any representative of Nai has visited Mr. President during the National Unity Government and had not presented any statistic of cases on violence against journalists to him or his office.

Nai believes that there are legal entities which are accountable for violence against journalists and Nai considers it is its responsibility by referring to those entities for the sake of paving the path for accountability. Nai thinks that it is a matter of detraction both for the presidential office and Nai to report Mr. President or his office on violence against journalists.

Nai’s purpose is entirely clear based on the current laws in the country. Nai deliberately carries out all its activities to promote freedom of expression and democracy. The development of defined human rights freedoms such as freedom of expression is Nai’s main purpose.

Furthermore, Nai welcomes the esteemed Attorney General and the Information and Culture Minister both to investigate the President’s claim and clarify the thoughts of the Presidential Office and obliged himself to present the required documents to these two positions regarding what Nai had claimed.  If the necessary documents are not available based on Nai’s claim, Nai is ready to comply with what is expressly provided by the law.

Nai also continues to urge if the President’s statement on Nai is not proven, his excellency has to apologize to the Journalism Community and Nai and obey the law.