Nai, Supporting Open Media, strongly condemns the violations made by security officers against two media and civil society activists and call their actions as a plain invasion against law.

Abdul Naseer Ghafari , a civil societycelebrity in his social page had criticized on the government in terms of Dahna-Ghori district why Taliban could defeat the government forces to retreat and hoped that the government militants would seriously struggle for restoration of the district. In the day after, he was arrested and beaten by security personnel and after few hours keeping him in detention, lastly they let him go home. Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar, head of Nai expresses his criticism regarding the incident saying:

The constitution and other relevant laws have given this right for every Afghan as civilian of the country to express their criticism and it is upon the government to know about its shortcomings with tolerance.  “For prevention of more law breaking in future, the violators of constitution must be recognized and punished. Otherwise, in this case to disregard about the laws will be like a public culture among people and no one will take care of it” said Khevatgar addressing to 34 article of the Afghan constitution enacted about freedom of speech. Nai once again engrosses for the government enforces the role of tolerance towards constructive criticism of civilians and freedom of speech. Also, we hope that the main perpetrator of this incident should be arrested for further measures in a court.