Illegal summoning and investigation on correspondents and writers ordered by the National security council without having documents in hands has created fears among the correspondents and media workers.

Recently two correspondents and writers on social media facebook criticizing the Government performances named Kabul Taxi were summoned to provide more details about their acts,finally after the investigation ended the following correspondents were set free again.

Any illegal summons or conscription of the correspondents without legal documents by the security, Justice and Judicial departments are contrary to Mass media law and declared as invading on freedom of speech.

Kabul Taxi Facebook account as the other accounts were full of criticisms,humorous which is one of the genres of the correspondents society in the country,based on the freedom of speech principals the Governmental officials should have more patient comparing to a common persons, because the Journalists have only one pen and camera,who aren’t compatible to Governmental officials accessing large possibilities,since the Governmental officials with huge amount of possibilities trying to scare the correspondents there will be no meaning of freedom of speech in the country.

This is not the first time that the Afghanistan National security council has created limitation on social media users by summoning their owners,earlier there was other ordered given by the National security council asking all security commanders not to share any type of information with media across the country.

Today media family members do need supports of the Afghan security forces more than anything else, the Afghanistan National security council instead of creating limits on media, should plot different plan in place for saving the life of correspondents so that they could continue to their jobs with no fears.

Gen Executive Manager at Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” we demand both leaders of the National Unity Government to ask more details from the Afghanistan security advisor Hanif Atmar for launching investigation on correspondents,”

Nai office demand the president and CEO of Afghanistan based on their commitments which was made to support and protect the freedom of speech in the country,and avoid the Governmental officials for investigating the correspondents without legal documents.