Seven staff of Shamshaad TV station based in Kabul was injured in a complex attack in Kabul. On Monday, 1st July 2019, around 8:50 am a huge explosion took in district 16th nearby Mahmood Khan Bridge in the center of Kabul city. Interior Ministry stated that a vehicle bomber was first blown up and then suicide bombers entered the scene.

One of the officials at news department of Shamshaad TV said to Nai Media Watch that the blast was extremely huge and it caused their office window to break and six of his colleagues have been wounded up. One of the journalists who had thrown himself out of the second floor, has severely been injured from his head and eyes.

Due to increment of insecurities and threats to media and journalists, Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan once again emphasizes that the government should ensure media and journalists’ security and mark it as one of the government top list priorities.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director said: “Unfortunately, we are not in a good situation. Threats to media and journalists have become more serious and media’s vulnerabilities have increased more than ever. Therefore, for the purpose of reducing and avoiding damages of media from incidents, the government should ensure security of media and journalists and put it as their priorities. It is worth mentioning that some simple but important security measures should be applied by media managers and owners too including filling the classes of studios and workstations.”

It is to add that on 24th June 2019, Taliban by issuance of a statement had threatened all media outlets terroristic attacks due to disseminating commercial advertisements against them.