Nai supporting open media expresses its deepest anxiety regarding the increasing violations against journalists. Last night, Abdul Qadeer Ghafoori, a local correspondent of Radio Azadi in Ghor province was beaten by security officers and kept in custody for three hours. This journalist stated in a contact with Nai that he was menaced and despised by the security officers either. The main reason for his detention and beating was due to not acceptance the censorship by the government, since he was asked not to broadcast a report in which the contents were not in favor of the government authorities, but he released it without obeying the order. Nai managing director, Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar said in a statement that the journalists are suffering from both sides, terrorists and government as well and Nai, supporting open media can never tolerate these kinds of misbehaviors. Last week, during terrorist deadly attacks four media workers and journalists were killed and 16 others got injured. Nai, supporting open media call on the government to explain about the reasons why beating and arresting Mr Ghafori and also  pledge for media family,  not to repeat these kind of violations again.