IEC, Independent Election Commission announced that tonight at 11:59 minutes and 59 seconds, 17th October 2018 blackout period will be started. Thus, media are requested to follow up the  rule of this stage, the commission also has requested media not to exaggerate  security incidents during the election time and focus on election process through encouraging people to cost their votes.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes that exaggeration is not media’s performance and media performance says in accordance with their legal and professional responsibilities. It is their responsibilities before the public to inform them from each and every incident.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Managing Director of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan says: “Considering national interest during reporting paves the ground for them to plan for their performances including plan for costing their votes, it will help them to decide to use their right in a good way through vote costing.

Nai is concerned if IEC’s request is misused,  it causes government to impose limitation on free flow of information.

Nai asks media in the country to follow up the blackout stage and continue their impartial reporting.

Nai thinks if media report from all incidents impartially, this will encourage people to participate in election on the basis of law.