Bashir Ahmand Taiange, a member of Afghan parliament and spokesman of deputy president Mr Dostum, has posted an insulting subject in his social page, insulting all media in general and call them mercenaries.

The main subject of his disdaining matter is to show his reaction to encompassing his leader`s house mobbed up by the soldiers and military tanks of the national army. In terms of this incident he has written: “The mercenary media should not exaggerate about this incident”.

He should know that the media and journalists have legal responsibility to publish and broadcast the realities of what happen, irrespective of belonging to who and which authority etc. are covered. Nai, supporting open media strongly condemn this kind of uncivilized reaction and ask him to respect the rules and regulations. Nai directing manager, Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar said that Taiange, instead of using impolite words, it was wise for him to say that any media which do their jobs unprofessionally will be introduced to the commission and they will refer to it.

After establishing the new cabinet, so called the unity government, it is the several times that the media is despised by the government authorities. The first time, this was the president Ashraf Ghani who called the media as useless instrument just puffing off and then the previous minister of finance, Anwarul Haq Ahadi used worse than him some words against media. Last week, the spokesman of defense ministry called all media and journalists as insane people as a whole. Nai, supporting open media ask all justice entities to act lawfully with all those who despise the media.