Kabul city to host the sixth session of RECCA incoming Saturday where most of representatives to attend the following session,in the following session Afghanistan and International community will discuss the Tokyo commitments made for Afghanistan, and review its development and challenges remaining, and there will be other economy subjects which will be debated in between the Afghan officials and International community donors.

Relating to the issue the civil society NGOs have delivered their messages and demands through letters to the holders of the conference.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan beside of the other demands were made by the civil society NGOs asking the International community to stay committed about freedom of speech and continue to their supports for freedom in Afghanistan.

Mentionable that the withdraw of International forces from Afghanistan doesn’t have to mean that International community to do neglects on freedom of speech in Afghanistan or to stop supporting media ,Afghan Government in order to become self -sufficient still needs International aids, and its better for International community to spend some of their aids on civil society activities in Afghanistan.

In the past one and half decade media has significantly developed where the history of Afghanistan is the eye witness, media has played important role on combating ignoring law,corruption,giving information on the right time ,round tables, having different programs on social life of Afghans.

The current condition has impacted on media negatively where 75 media doors were shut down in different parts of the country,according to media watch reports there are some other media which are on the edge of closing their doors.

As International community has been effective on expanding media role within the country,they have also the responsibility to have the control of the situation by supporting media in Afghanistan.

Nai officials have demanded the participation of the Recca to review Afghanistan through TMAF working chart, and once again continue to their supports on freedom of speech based on Tokyo conference commitments.

TMAF should be used as the central points in between the Government ,private sectors, academic figures, and society.