Reporters without Borders have issued the Global Rating of Media Freedom in Afghanistan in 2019. The report says about Afghanistan, “Another worrying insecurities in Afghanistan is about (3, 121), despite the efforts of the National Unity Government, 16 journalists and media personnel were assassinated as result of different attacks on media.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes that the Reporters without Borders Organization has reported and covered only a portion of the realities of Afghan Journalists’ lives in its new report.

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Nai Managing Director says, “The international organizations should describe a complete picture of the media sector in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the most dangerous country for media performances. The progress in this direction is as result of the sacrifices of more than 100 journalists who had been killed or wounded up while keeping on the free flow of information and worked for freedom”.

Based on the results of survey conducted by Nai regarding the issue of access to information in Afghanistan, access to information is in the worst situation in the country. Along with the increment of insecurities, threats and assassination have been the first and massive challenge to the journalists and media in Afghanistan. Moreover, a large number of media outlets in Afghanistan are at risk of decline. In accordance to this situation, we expect that whatever is presented from media sector in Afghanistan has to be the accurate and real picture.

The Global Rating of Media Freedom each year determines the freedom state of media in 180 countries around the world.