Nai is extremely saddened by the news about the death of Nawid Azimi, Afghanistan Radio and TV journalist. It is said that he was infected by the Corona virus. According to his colleagues, Mr. Azimi was struggling this disease about a week and died earlier today.

The media staff’s death reveals how vulnerable they are due COVID-19 pandemic, and they are the front liners battling this disease but providing information.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with expressing their sympathy and heartiest thoughts to the families of the victims, journalists’ community, and Afghan people, prays to Allah to bless their souls and grant them Jannah-al-Ferdous.

Nai also calls on the media managers to prioritize the safety and health of their staff rather than their task. Nai believes that journalists and media staffs’ safety and lives must not be taken for granted in the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once more we ask the government to allocate the budget to the victims of journalists’ community from the disease so that it could help their families.

Nai also calls on the government to pave the ground for online information provision, in order to help journalists to access their required information easily.

Prior to Mr. Azimi’s death, late Suleiman Yusoufi Ariana TV’s employee, Shah Muhammad Haroon, Pajwok News Agency’s Administrative Officer, Parwin Rafiqi, Bakhtar News Agency journalist were the victims of the COVID-19 disease.