Muhsin Hashimi, a reporter of Saday Nejrab radio station was murdered a while ago. Few members of his family accused for his murder and were arrested.
After investigations done, the assigned prosecutor asked punishment for the accused persons and he identified the accused persons as the subjects of this murder case. But lately, the primary court in Kapisa province has identified the accused persons innocent and ordered for their quietus.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the appealing court in Kapisa province to seriously review this case and not to let the murderers to be protected against the punished that law ordered.
According to the information received , inferred from the reports on this case, to Nai Supporting Open Median in Afghanistan; Late Muhsin Hashimi’s family members had opposed his media activities and such disagreements has led to his disappearance and then to his murder.
Judicial and justice institutions in the country shall not deem the case only as a criminal case, but rather this case has direct link to the threats against speech freedom and journalists’ safety. Lack of punishment for the perpetrators of this crime will cause more uncertainty to the journalists’ protection. The enemies of speech freedom and journalists will get the confidence that even if someone commits to kill journalists, he won’t be punished.
Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks the supreme court of the country to fully observe Late Hashimi’s murder case thus prove that the murderers of journalists will not be exempted of punishment in any parts of the country.