An old newspaper named “ Islaah” is going to be ceased due to unknown reasons by ministry of information and culture. This newspaper which is aged almost a century, has a very long and famous background traced back to the beginning of publication era in Afghanistan. “Nai” supporting open media in Afghanistan asks the authorities of aforementioned ministry to try its best for keeping “Islaah” newspaper alive, but if cannot afford maintaining it, they should not hamper its way for retaining. Sure, the authorities can pave the way towards this publication rather than closing it, through seeking helps of independent sources, in order to keep it run based on funds donated by individuals and NGOs who want to help credible publication involved with hurdles. It goes without saying, that the main job of the government particularly, the named ministry is not to lock the media but unlocking and best usage of the available opportunities for empowering the media marked as main priorities according to the constitution of Afghanistan.