Kher Mohammad Timor, Takher’s former chief of police who was misbehaving the journalists during the past seven months has been dismissed. The dismissal happened based on the requests from NIA and other media outlets, on 16th May 2013, by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
For the past seven months, Journalists in Takhar province have claimed whenever they wanted to report on drug smuggling, wood cutting and misuse of governmental power, and wanted to approach Kher Mohmmad Timor to keep the balance in their reports, they had been threatened and insulted by him. And in some cases the journalists had been beaten by the policemen under him.
Nia supporting open media in Afghanistan praises the act has been taken by MoI of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and demands the establishment of a joint committee consist of media society and Afghan security institutions. The committee could solve the problems and challenges through talks and dialogues.
Dismissal of Kher Mohammad Timor as Takhar’s police chief tumbles the idea among the journalists and citizens that still there are capacities in the government machinery that provide convincible responses to the legitimate requests submitting by the Journalists. And it also stands to its commitment for supporting freedom of expressions and democracy.
Journalists in Takhar province also appraise the act taken by MoI and calling the dismissal of Kher Mohammad Timory, as a step forward towards ensuring freedom of expressions and democracy.
Nai once again asks all Afghan Administrations, as MoI did, to identify, dismiss and pursue those individuals who misbehave the journalists. This will be a good and positive step towards fighting corruption, preventing illegal performances and misuse of power by government officials. Such act of MoI can win the trust of journalists and citizens as well as can provide better opportunity for professional cooperation and assistance between journalists and police within legal framework. Such cooperation, without any doubt, can better assist development of a lawful society.