Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has asked all journalists and media outlets to assist the committee which is formed for preparing a procedure for Media Code of Ethics.
Currently the Afghan media lacks such a procedure which resulted in serious problems for the media.

Broadcasting of irritant pictures and disclosure of victims of attacks and the violence which recently been increased in the print and electronic media created concern for the people of Afghanistan.

Nai with understanding its responsibility has been trying to develop Media Code of Ethics procedure for journalists and media and in order to expedite the process, it has formed a working committee composed of senior journalists. Therefore, we request all journalists in Afghanistan to send their opinions about the Media Code of Ethics to this committee through the email address (

Moreover, Nai expressed its concern about the decrease of women presence in media outlets and asks the security officials and relevant authorities to assure women that their presence in media is out of danger.

Nai findings show that in the current year the presence of women in media has been decreased up to 10 % and this is because of the security concerns and their concerns regarding the situation after 2014.

Also it has been seen that a number of government spokesmen are banned to criticize Pakistan after the High Peace Council meeting with Pakistani officials.

Nai considers the right to access to information as one of the main rights of the afghan citizens and any restriction in talking about the neighbors is against Afghanistan Constitution and International Convention and asks the government to remove these restrictions as soon as possible and restore the rights of citizens.

Sharing of facts is one of the basic obligations of the government and information should be given to the citizens without seizure and limitation. Hiding of facts and information is not only against the laws, but also can confuse the citizens and government and cause negative outcomes to the society.